As we release our latest PSR comp, Brooklyn, NY's LINDA DRAPER is hard at work on her new LP "Modern Day Decay" - You can help support the project - if you haven't done so already - follow the link for info: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/lindadraper. While she readies her new LP we've included one of our favorite tracks from her last album "Edgewise". "Sleepwalkers" is if I can recall a track I first heard played live during her "Keepsake" tour back in 2007 - in fact a Live Radio version was released as a b-side shortly after. Here's the great LP studio version.


from Transistor Radio Waves From A Sunkissed Afternoon, released February 1, 2016
Written By Linda Draper
Produced by Matt Keating
Recorded By Matt Keating Janglewood Studios, New York, NY; Mixed By Gary Maurer at Saltlands Studios, Brooklyn, NY; Mastered by Roman Vail at Joe Lambert Mastering - Brooklyn, NY
Musicians: Linda Draper and Matt Keating
Contact/Site: www.lindadraper.net \ www.facebook.com/lindadrapermusic



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